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Everyone is an artist of sorts, may be not of the Picasso, Rembrandt, Michelangelo e.t.c. fame but artist nonetheless and we have been given a new canvas to bring to ‘life.’

The good thing is the canvas is blank, the sizes vary significantly- some have very large ones, others have not so large, medium, small, very small, piecemeal if you will.

The most important is the quality of ‘life’ you want to bring to it- how do you see things?

When it is done, what picture do you want to see?

What do you hope to inspire in people who watch you at it and when you are done with it?

What is your vision like?

Do you see in charcoal? Oils? What other materials are there? Do you see in them?

Do you have a canvas but are honestly blind?

What kind of blind are you? Completely? Colour? Partial?

Do you know you have a canvas?

Do you know and recognize your state- blind? Sighted? The quality of your sight?

How well you can answer these and more or not will determine the quality of work on your canvas.

What do you hope to see?

Can you see in oil and need charcoal to sketch?

Do you need to bring your charcoal sketch alive in oil?

Who can you work with on this all important assignment of your life?

Open your heart to possibilities, choose wisely who you’d work with.

Do not be afraid to let go of company that does not help birth what you see in your mind’s eye.

This is  wishing you a fulfilling art session, may your canvas bear the life you you see and/or better.



**She cannot manage a straight line on paper to save her life. Then again she heard somewhere that straight lines aren’t fun to draw.

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Some time ago, I did a piece on INTROSPECTION at the beginning of a new year, 2014, I believe.

I have always stated, as much as there are amazing things, conversations and so much more in my mind/head, I am the laziest one to put pen to paper on this side of eternity and I exaggerate not, I simply know myself is it!

However, it is the dawning of a brand new year, one we have never seen or been and like virtually all new years past, people are on clean slate mode for the most part.

This is chiefly evinced in the “new year resolutions” which people are tiring of these days by the way.

2016 was…*sigh* a year in its own right!

For me, it was a cornucopia of sorts but the ending of it was one I never dreamt of, one news and even I didn’t believe how much it hit me.

But, God is God, to Him alone be all the glory!

So here’s 2017 on the horizon, 2hours 51 minutes away to be precise, and I am going into it knowing that my God has gone ahead.

He has gone through 2017 while I am yet in 2016 and I believe the best is what he has in mind for me. I do hope whatever it is you believe, gives you as much assurance as I have in mine.

To a 2017 of our dreams, I hope to have a 2017 of my dreams as is God’s will for me.

I hope that as we pray like there’s nothing else required of us to succeed, we should also remember to work like there’s no prayer (even though you have prayed, still are praying) into 2017.

And remember that God will not do for you what you can do for yourself.

Do not expect God to answer your prayers while you are implementing the devil’s agenda- please don’t waste time God’s & yours!

Oh yes, mercy, grace…how could I forget??

In 2017, work towards being a better you-positively please, thank you!

Have a fulfilling 2017!


** This was written on Dec 31, 2016, don’t ask why it is being published days later!

It was a beautiful session, satisfying on all counts!

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Social Good Nigeria has unveiled “The PopUp Incubator Project, a project targeted at developing the capacities of techies, entrepreneurs, young professionals and most importantly to promote women and girls’ involvement in Information Communication Technology Sector in Nigeria. The unveiling took place in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory today, 23rd April being the International Day of Girls in ICT across the world, young school girls from Lead British School, Abuja and professionals in ICT were in attendance.

The Project which is in collaboration with Swedish Embassy Abuja and Enspire Hub Incubator, top ICT firm in Abuja will be commencing its pilot programmes at Technology Villages in 6 major cities across Nigeria, namely: Abuja, Jos, Lagos, Warri, Oyo, Kano.

Participants At PopUp Incubator Launching in Abuja Participants At PopUp Incubator Launching in Abuja

Social Good Nigeria PopUp Incubator is expected to enhance the capacities of those who are in love with Techie…

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Apt, as always!

Ayo Sogunro

A typically passionate Nigerian who wakes up this morning—or more likely stayed awake last night—to the news that the much anticipated February 14 elections have been postponed would likely get into a righteous kind of mad.

This isn’t just about what party this individual supports or what candidate the individual desires to vote for; the theft of the people’s legitimate expectations goes beyond party politics.

February 14 is not a sacrosanct political date. But still, a negative emotional reaction is not unreasonable in the circumstances. Expectations have been high, plans have been made. A number of people have drawn up their actions and decisions around the date of the elections. Meetings have been scheduled, deals have been postponed, work leaves have been taken, tickets have been booked, monies have been expended. If this was a private affair between individuals, the postponement is a valid cause of action in contract or in tort.

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Going to view October 1-the movie on October 1-the celebration, was a dear friend’s treat & I cannot thank her enough.

Oh, I could go on and on about what we went through to be able to view the movie, most of which was our fault. While waiting outside the auditorium for our time schedule as we had missed our intended, we even contemplated leaving.

Then, a few minutes later the doors were thrown open for the auditorium to let out the full capacity viewers (who had viewed the time slot we missed) like a retching whale.

A particular lady (who had just finished viewing) was loudly going on and on about the movie, promising “to come watch it tomorrow”, and saying how the movie could “…make you detest the ‘oyinbos‘ for what they did to us” (King Leopold’s ghost and a few other titles along this thought lines came to mind, I shook my head thinking, if only you had an inkling…)

Then it was our turn to go in. I had already read the synopsis but abstained from the watching the trailer because I could figure the movie out (it was that predictable to a critical minded viewer who knows to ask pertinent questions), my friend begged me to give a hint of what I knew from the synopsis but I resisted to the very end.

The movie began and like most of Kunle Afolayan’s works, I was enthralled by the quality of work, strength of cast and all that. I settled into the movie tweeting a couple of times @kunleafolayan, the humour was contagious and hearty, the movie could take the viewer in and captivate such.

For the deep viewer, the mind of the writer is translated to such.

Though the entertainment bit was not lost on me, he did bring to bear the deeper import of the movie for me. As one who shy away from discussing Nigeria: all its attendant woes & a few blessings in the mix, this movie took me back to the foundation, depicting some fundamental fault lines and bringing many texts that have shed light on these interesting morasses that have plagued us as a people/ nation, to the fore.

We have always complained as a people that our foundations were wrong and most other things, but the reactions of the people around me today reinforces the fact that very few truly have an idea of what our foundations looked/felt like.

For so many, it was the entertainment, brilliance and ‘superficial sentiments’ I remember saying to a young lady sitting by me, “…you are not getting the full import of the movie.” The poignance of the closing dialogues had me sobbing, and that drew a few curious stares.

One thing though, I didn’t really understand Deola Sagoe’s character’s role in the movie. Much as I respect Ma Kuti, what was the need for her character in this movie?

Kunle Afolayan (fast becoming one of my favourite persons of all time)’s October 1-the movie, depicted Nigeria in a microcosm.

You have to be smart to look beyond the entertainment facet and see the salient points that today define our nationhood-oh he tried to capture it all- nepotism, tribalism, religion, ethnicity, racial supremacy and status quo, diligence, honour, violation, camaraderie, bias, love, hate, hurt-physical, emotional, psychological, irreparable/needless losses, unfulfillment and my, did he do a good job of it!

An education of sorts & a brilliant metaphor!

In the end, I say WELL DONE Tunde Babalola, for writing this thought provoking piece, Kunle Afolayan for all else you had to do to make this what it is & the stellar cast for a brilliant interpretation of characters, WELL DONE everyone!

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Some people will be just that- people! *Whew* It’s been weeks since I posted Introspection and I have told myself I would write at least once a week, I even got WordPress in on it by setting a reminder and have they been faithful?

I wonder what it is. Is this just plain laziness or what? A good number of people have privately and publicly encouraged me to write.  They seem to see something in me that I do not see and this has definitely not helped their cause of encouraging me to write.

Many a time, there is something taking place in my mind but connecting the will to write is another thing entirely. Need I a shrink to diagnose whatever it is that may be wrong with me? I feel like I have let them down and every now and then when I get a reminder from these well meaning individuals (names are coming to the fore of my mind as i write), I feel guilty.

This is to every one of you. Thank you very much. Please don’t get tired of nudging me, somehow I will get there. 

Okay, how have you all been? I guess this will just flow, no structure or compilation, hopefully I don’t lose your interest before the final full stop for this edition.

Nothing ever gets done of its own volition if it is not done. No matter the grand intention(s) if one does not take responsibility for their decisions it remains a wish. It is imperative to “walk the talk.”

Talk is cheap always has been, always will be.  Hopefully, with regards to writing I will walk my talk and y’all will be there to support me through from my diamond in the rough through the polishing and cut stages. Thank you in advance for taking the time.

I did say I was going to give the meaning to an abbreviation I used in introspection and I haven’t had enquiries as to what it is here, though a group of wonderful ladies did ask, some speculating in a group where it was shared. I am hoping someone will be curious enough to ask that here. 

In the week gone by, I had an encounter, I confess in the ensuing confrontation, I was somewhat prepared for the worst to drive home my point. Thankfully it didn’t have to come to that.

I am all for respect. Especially gender based respect, I appreciate men who respect women and treat them right and vice versa. Granted some women can try the patience of the best of men (people), it is no excuse to hit them around same for men.

 One can only imagine my chagrin when I stumbled on a situation where a male had just slapped a female to drive home his point (an owing customer at that!).  I asked to be shown the male if he was still in the vicinity, he needed to be held accountable for his actions. On my way to meet him, I wondered at the possible scenarios some of which include but not limited to:

  •  Would he be civil?
  •  What happens if he gets physical?
  •  Should two above be the case, would I be at an advantage or a disadvantage (stature wise)?
  •  What’s the worst that could happen at the instance of confrontation?

Thankfully, it didn’t come to that, even though my voice was raised several decibels while I was talking to him; after listening to him as long as my stretched patience could bear. There was another gentleman on the scene who was privy to the incident, he i learnt was taking him to task for his reprehensible behaviour. When i calmed down enough to listen to the gentleman whose voice was so quiet and soothing i respected him for what i heard him say hoping that he walks his talks too (i would like to believe he does!)

He (the errant male) took her for medications at my instance and after so long exhibited some remorse.

*Sigh* it’s all in a day’s job. I feel like ‘Eyeztron’ Defender of the universe.

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“And now let us believe in a long year that is given to us, new, untouched, full of things that have never been.” Rainer Maria Rilke

Hurray, it’s a new year! Goodwill and wishes are being exchanged all over the world. Infact you and I contributed, will still contribute to the volume of goodwill and wishes being exchanged.
Earlier today, happy new year tweets were about 13.6million and counting. Away from the moment in season, there are pertinent issues to address. For some they may not feel any different, it is a new day in an old week, business as usual if you will, only this ordinary sequence outlined also marks the beginning of a brand new, never before seen or lived three hundred sixty five or six days. I’d whoop to that! Given this, there is a need to manage this.

Reflection is in order, he who would build a skyscraper, would (i think) dig very deep into the earth for foundation purposes, afterall a building is only as good as its foundation. Therefore the need to reflect before plunging headlong into the year.
A few things to ponder may include but not limited to:
> What did I do right?
> How did I get it right?
> Why did I get it right?
> How can I improve on it?
> What did I do wrong?
> How did I miss it?
> Why did I miss it?
> How can I watch against a future occurrence?

“… To make and end is to make a beginning. ” T.S Eliot

These and more are questions that may crop up while reflecting on the year gone by.
Having honest answers to these questions will help fashion a thought pattern for the expectations for the new year. Some questions here may include but not limited to:
> What do I want to do in this year
> Why do I want to do it (them)
> How do I intend to accomplish it
> Timelines for performance
And so much more.

The new year is a time to boldly take the first steps toward your best future. ”  Oprah

There are however a few burdens of being introspective, if one would honestly do so which may also among others include offering apologies for wrongdoing (intentional or not), this oftentimes can be a hard nut to crack but not impossible.
Decisions are made. If for instance one compartmentalizes, there may be areas where such may need to adopt stances like BDD(M), want to know what that is or think you have an inkling as to what it could be? Please drop your thoughts in the comments field and i will be back at my next article God willing to let you know what it is. Until then, have a fulfilling year.
Happy new year!!!


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Yesterday (07/09/2013), while ascending the stairs to my office, our neighbour  who runs the establishment opposite our office and his colleague were descending the stairs along with them was a well tanned Asian, I almost thought him aboriginal, though he is not and I have no explanation why I almost thought so. He was dressed in cyclist gear, helmet in hand. I said hello to my neighbour with whom I enjoy a pleasant acquaintance and I was ready to continue when he said to me “this man has been cycling the world” My ‘antennas’ were immediately ‘launched’ and I asked them to wait while I ran upstairs to grab a camera. Then I ran back down the flight of stairs and I was asking him questions, why? How?…?

He handed me a two paged literature while trying to answer my questions. Seeing that we were taking pictures, attention was drawn to us and the boys around and other business owners around that side of the vicinity were curious, before long people were taking pictures.

His name is Furtemba Sherpa, he is from Nepal and cycling is his passion. He has been travelling around the world since 2003 advocating World peace and environmental protection. He has so far travelled ninety four (94) countries; Nigeria is his ninety fifth (95th). Furtemba travels with a trailer attached to his bicycle totalling about 8ft which carries his luggage.

He “has come to realise that a healthy environment and a peaceful world are deeply linked to each other- we cannot have one without the other. I remind people I meet that all of us are world citizens transcending borders, gender, race, religion and that what happens in one part of the world affects the rest of us. My goal is to visit one hundred and fifty one (151) countries by 2020. To date, I have achieved more than 60% of this goal. Nigeria is 95th country of my tour, I have covered over 96,960Km in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, Caribbean, Central and South America and now …Africa” He says.

Another focus of his tour is to raise funds for and awareness of social projects encountered during the journey among which is the recently established Furtemba Sherpa Foundation which has a Giving the Gift of Mobility program which provides mobility aid to needy children. He hopes to inspire people to healthier lifestyle alternatives like cycling, he also hopes that cycling gains more ground in Nigeria. He is grateful to the Nigerian public he has met for their hospitality, friendship, kinship, encouragement and motivation.

There are so many lessons I learnt from the few minutes I spent interacting with Furtemba. One of which is If I were one quarter dedicated to my many decisions to declare a ‘state of emergency’ on my weight, I may have been competing for Miss World by now LOVL.

Seriously, imagine if our governments and all its machineries were just a tad committed as evinced by this man, if everyone were a little committed to making the efforts we need to make our country a better place to live in.

Well done Furtemba for your dedication to your passion and the cause(s) you choose to identify with.

I celebrate you.

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I have been blessed to have a circle of wonderful women around me. Real, virtual and ‘translates’ (‘virtuals’ who have translated to real). They have been (still are) wonderful, we share laughter, we have cried with and supported each other as we couldn’t walk a mile in each other’s shoes but can only try to imagine what it could be like, given our relations.

I call some my Faith buddies, the ones with who we are like the molecules in an iron especially when one end is in the fire; we vibrate till althrough the iron is hot. They are the ones who though may not understand some of the frailties we get to talk about (because they enjoy grace others are yet to enjoy) they unequivocally take the currently frail and nurse back to health. They are the ones, one can call when it seems like “one of us, is in trouble.”  A cornucopia of strong, intelligent, vibrant… beautiful imperfections

There are others, who I am yet to find words for, oh but I will.  In all, I have gained sisters, sisters from another mother. Perfect are we? Naaaaah, we are not. We don’t even get to keep in touch regularly but when we do catch up, it’s like there had been no break in transmission.

In the recent week gone by, my circle of sisters grew. I met strong, beautiful, intelligent, witty, vivacious, gregarious women, some with quite mien and strength, yes i met men too, but this is dedicated to the sisters. One of them particularly stood out, a very assertive high flier, an achiever with wonderful stories to tell. She is not afraid to be herself, she is according to one person “a shot of adrenaline” and my word, is she?

She enters a meeting hall and almost everyone in the hall is calling out in delight, coming over for hugs or she goes over to them and the fond exchange of pleasantries. She infuses life to her environment, is very resourceful and all. An average woman with her portfolio (save in formal environment and only if need be does she permit herself to be introduced with her portfolio) is not one who will be easily down to earth as she is, I found her to be one of the easiest persons around and no, she doesn’t compromise quality, neither does she “sweat the little things.” In a very short while I came to love her (she is easy to love).

I learnt so much from her, (every moment in her company is a learning one!), particularly on a long walk we took together. Her definition of success, I find quite poignant. In a world where many have wrongly defined success by the measure of what they have (which can be admissible, maybe as indicators) rather than who they are and the impact they have in the lives of others, she defined success using the following illustration:

Someone a friend of hers had remarked on her being successful and she asked that friend the basis for that remark and the person goes on to say she should look at her many material acquisitions using her car (an SLR) then, as an example, she went on to ask what would happen, should something happen to that car, say someone bashed it and writes it off or something, would she stop being successful?  She told me that success to her means the lives she is able to impact positively, reminiscing about a former boss of hers who is now late, who always said “a diamond in the rough, polish it and it will gleam”  She is not out to change anybody she says, but to help people be their better or best selves. I however expounded on that, musing, in the process of polishing, changes occur, smoothing over, chip offs… and voilà! Change has occurred.

I appreciate everyone woman in my life, I do not take it for granted that you are in it. I celebrate you.

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